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Uno Reverse Card (Green) Embroidered Patch (Board game Card) Meme 3in

3.5" x 2.5"


  • PatchPatchMeme high quality iron on Embroidered Patches. This patch design will make a unique gift for any fan. Attach the patches on almost anything; jeans, jackets, pet collar tag, t-shirts, graduation cap, sneakers, luggage tags, keychains, morale patch, hats, backpack, denim jackets, motorcycle vests, purses, earrings and artwork.

    How to use Iron on Patches?

    Turn the iron to the middle or high temperature setting,
    Iron the side of the bag/jacket to make sure it's warm, 
    Place the patch where you want to attach it and over a cloth or a towel (so you don't burn the patch);
    Make a few rounds of ironing the patch on. 
  • Do not move your patch until it completely cools to ensure adherence to fabric.
    For thicker patches, it’s best to also iron from backside of the fabric surface.
  • For longer adhesion, recommended to apply a patch is by sewing using either by hand or machine with a heavy duty sewing needle.


Uno Reverse Card (Green) Embroidered Patch (Board game Card) Meme 3in

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